Adair County Traveler Information

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Looking for lodging?

Consider one of Adair County's

top-rated Bed & Breakfast Inns.

Exit 86 S


Discover the history of

aviation with memorabilia

and aircraft from the 20s,

30s, and 40s to today.

Exit 86 S

Come to this historic site

for the gardens, artwork,

garden-fresh meals,

prairie walking path

and history.

Exit 93 S

Discover Adair County:

Its lush rolling hills, lakes,

gardens, & charming

small town celebrations.

Exits 76, 83, 86, 93



Need medical care? Adair

County Hospital & Clinic is

just 13 miles south of I-80

(Pharmacy nearby)

Exit 86 S


Antique farm machinery, 

a Governor's home, a one-

room school, a century-old

church .. and much more!

Exit 86 S

Follow over 700 white poles thru

rural Iowa on this convenient.

historic bypass to I-80 between

Exits 76 - 100.

Exits 76, 83, 86, 93 (North)



A tribute to our troops,

both past and present.

1.5 mi. S at Exit 86

Take time to meet the artist!

Click on photo for directions.


 Visit the towns of Adair County:

Adair        Bridgewater        Casey         Fontanelle        Greenfield        Orient        Stuart



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